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VE Reporting is a project that was begun as an education and informational site about the actual performance of value engineering. Seeing actual reports has often allowed people to more completely understand the process and results expected better than abstract discussions can. Anyone with a value engineering report that shows a FAST diagram and valid value engineering job plan adherence may be posted. Posting can be password only, no password, or a combination. You must have permission of both the client and the study performance group to post.

This site is supported by SAMI VE LLC, who maintains the sole right to remove any material found misleading or objectional.


SAMI VE LLC was begun in April 1973. We have a rich and diverse business history:

  • Our firm, SAMI VE LLC was begun as a design firm in 1973 from a parent concrete and construction group, which continued separately until 2002. We specialized in design of homes, small commercial facilities, and site planning.
  • In 1983, we added software programs and formed CAMI (Computer Aided Methods and Innovations) as a dba in 1985-1986.
  • In 1986, due to the US Army and Corps of Engineers, we VE added to our business services.
  • By 1992, VE had become the main point of all business within the company.
  • Systematic Analytic Methods and Innovations was reformed as SAMI in 1993.
  • Due to client demand, SAMI began offering Internet based services in 1993.
  • SAMI added a dba for Internet related activities of OfficeOnWeb in 1995.
  • The State of Colorado made the LLC type of incorporation available in about 1996 and as such, SAMI filed as an LLC in 1996.
  • SAMI purchased a company called PrintPage.com in 1999 (PrintPage.com was sold to another group by OfficeOnWeb in late 2000).
  • The firms of OfficeOnWeb Ltd with the dba of PrintPage.com were broken out as a separate C corporation in 2000.
  • At this point (2000), SAMI went back to being a pure VE shop. But that did not end our activities in the Internet field with regard to VE and advising businesses with regard to their Internet presence.
    • In 2001, SAMI sponsored and helped design, the VeToday information web site.
    • In 2002, SAMI sponsored the Mile's Foundation and other groups and helped them develop an online presence.
    • In 2003, SAMI developed our VECP online expert system and this web site.
  • SAMI was reformed as SAMI VE LLC in 2003 to meet new service capacities for our clients.
  • SAMI VE LLC has added many services over the years. These include:
    • Value project and oversight consulting (1986).
    • Value study facilitation and enhanced value program management (1993).
    • Operational guidelines generation and monitoring (1995).
    • Online reporting (1996).
    • Certified Training by more than one group in all areas (2000).
    • Online training (2002).
    • Sharing information connections (2002-2004).
  • SAMI VE LLC has also been a leader in generating many of the standards of the industry.
    • SAMI VE LLC was one of the advisor groups for OMB A 131 and other standards in government (we help write the standards).
    • SAMI VE LLC helped set up many of the current private and public programs.
    • SAMI VE LLC was one of the first firms to computerize the reporting process and provide templates for assisting teams. Many of the reports and results shown today, originated from SAMI VE LLC.
    • SAMI VE LLC has the only people currently available certified by the US Court of Appeals to be experts in the practice and operation of the VECP process, and have generated much support materials to assist others in this area.
    • SAMI VE LLC was the first firm to offer VE specific team leader training and set the standard for all subsequent operations.
    • SAMI VE LLC was the first firm to offer training in operating programs and has the only decision matrix made available for identifying problems and resolving them in the field.
    • SAMI VE LLC has created many of the present standards of the field. The include: the three by (nine) probability matrix, its rules, and the methods of operations related to it; the initial ideas process documents and rules associated with it; the nine step job plan model; many of the templates used today; the development incremental process steps; the incremental value index process; the stepped creativity process; integration of the value process and the high performing team theory, decision theory, and affinity theory; the fishbone FAST process and its rules; the value program operations matrix; and database standards for measurement of the process results.
  • Worldwide impacts.

SAMI VE LLC has made big impacts on the process and companies worldwide. If you would like to become a member of this team, please contact us.


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